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Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is a sensual, full-body massage (usually involving oil) that aims to awaken and distribute sexual energy to facilitate healing, transformation, and spiritual growth between the recipient and the massagist. Tantric massage incorporates breathwork, deep breathing, eye gazing, and slow massaging of the erogenous zones, allowing the parties to explore giving and receiving pleasure in an expectation-free environment, where connection, rather than orgasms, are the goal.

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Yoni Massage

This one involves a clinical setting. It’s more of a deep tissue massage or physiotherapy treatment. By focusing on other body parts, it releases tension and blockages. Thereafter, the masseuse finds her way down to the yoni. This one takes place in intimate relationships to deepen the connection between the individuals. Intentions, however, should be clear if this is a gift to the woman not part of foreplay.

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Basic Massage

The first key factor in basic drainage massage is a gentle, light touch. May not apply enough pressure to feel the muscles. Keep your hand relaxed when administering this method. The goal is to encourage the movement of lymph by following the lymphatic system’s pathways. Concentrate on areas with a high density of lymph nodes, such as behind the leg, under the armpits, and the neck. Basic massage is gaining popularity for both men and women nowadays, even celebrities, and incorporates into their skincare and health routines because of its detoxification benefits and esthetic effects. 

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